Mon, 29.02.2016

    Control Theoretic Modeling
    of Logistics Systems
    Prof. Neil Duffie, PhD
    University of Madison-Wisconsin, USA

    Tue, 01.03.2016

    Excursion to ArcelorMittal &
    Speed Dating for Scientific Purpose
    Dr.-Ing. Ingrid Rügge
    LogDynamics, University of Bremen, Germany

    Wed, 02.03.2016

    Industry 4.0
    Prof. Dr. Michael Henke
    Technical University of Dortmund, Germany

    Thu, 03.03.2016

    Complex Networks in Logistics
    Dr. Olivia Woolley
    ETH Zurich, Switzerland

    Fri, 04.03.2016

    Process Analysis using Machine Learning
    Prof. Christopher Irgens, PhD
    University of Strathclyde, UK